When ordering, PLEASE make sure that you are selecting the correct size. Starting June 2017 you will NOT be able to return or exchange items if the size is too large or small. 

Our size chart is an accurate chart received by the manufacturers of the garments we use. The chart is there to help visitors measure out what size they need to order, so please use it if needed.

If you place an order of the wrong size and immediately realise, ASAP contact us via, or Twitter @ZousApparel. You can also try @Trollzous, and if he sees it he can forward it to support from there.


When washing, make sure to have shirt inside out. Do NOT iron over print. Our products are vinyl printed (unless stated otherwise) , so ironing could melt the print and ruin the design. Iron at your own risk.


Some important info to know about faults. 

The hole in our hoodies pockets are NOT a fault. These are specially designed for headphone wires to go through. This is a feature. 

If your item is faulty, you MUST contact within 14 days of your product arriving.

UNHAPPY PEOPLE (from trollzous)

Don't worry, I get how you feel, but we have to do it this way. The first few months of Zous Apparel have been an incredible success, and I'm so proud of what has come of it. Everything is mainly ran be me alone, along with a friend who helps run the support. Issues like sizes have been very noticed, and I've tried my best to get this sizing info across the website so people don't accidentally mess up. Thank you all for still supporting this, and I'm sorry for the issue this may cause.